Ruth Davis

Ruth is a contemporary artist born in Liverpool and now living and working in Brighton, UK. Her football-themed artworks examine the ‘outsider’ role women often take in the world of sport, and what it means to be a female football player in the male-dominated sport. Ruth’s paintings are a defiant statement against the underestimation of women in sport, and demonstrate her personal love for football.

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We love how Ruth’s work has become an illustration for the struggle for equality women face in the world of football, with her empowering paintings giving a voice to women in sport. Her work toes the line between beauty and brutality; Ruth’s colourful art is an honest illustration of the camaraderie to be found between female players

After living in the cultural hub of football, Liverpool, for much of her youth, Ruth moved to London to study at the Slade School of Fine Art. She moved to Brighton after graduating and had a breakthrough in her career during the Paris women’s FIFA World Cup in 2019 when she was invited to both show her work at a group exhibition in Paris during the tournament, and create the poster for the Women’s World Cup takeover event. Ruth’s work has also been featured in online publications such as British Vogue, Shinzo Pari and France’s edition of Grazia magazine.

We’ve been working with Ruth Davis since 2019.

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