Rose Corcoran

Rose Corcoran is a contemporary fine artist, whose work centres around the power of the animal kingdom. After spending an extended period in Northern India in the 1990s, Corcoran was struck by the deep contrast between the wild tigers that she saw at Kahna (the famous setting of Kipling’s The Jungle Book) and those living in captivity in Western areas of the world. For Corcoran, art serves a purpose: her beautiful depictions of majestic beasts both represent their strength and magnificence, as well as their vulnerability, as increasingly endangered species face the threat of extinction.
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On an aesthetic level, her work contains the possibility for movement and dynamism, presenting the ‘fearful symmetry’ of Blake’s ‘Tyger’ in its true chaos. Using charcoal against paper, there is a rawness to Corcoran’s practice, which captures the volatility of the animal world and the energy of every creature that she depicts. Corcoran holds a BA in History of Art form Edinburgh University; a Fine Art degree from City & Guilds of London Art School; and a Masters of Art degree from the Royal College of Art, London.

Her astonishing expertise is reflected in her work, which is not only artistically skilled but conceptually nuanced, developed with a sensitivity to the traditions into which it feeds and from which it springs. Corcoran has exhibited in both group and solo shows across the UK and her work is held in private collections in the UK, Europe, Africa, India, and the USA.
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