Robert Owen Bloomfield

Contemporary artist Robert Owen Bloomfield is known for his contemporary landscape paintings. Inspired by modern and contemporary artists Mark Rothko and Anthony Gormley, Bloomfield paints tiny figures, dwarfed by harsh and often stark landscapes: think Gormley’s Angel of the North, lost in one of Rothko’s emotive, colour-blocked canvasses.

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Yet, unlike his Abstract Expressionist forebear, Bloomfield’s work is characterised by a muted palette, often opting of greys, blacks, and earthy browns, to capture a profound sense of isolation and to leave space for the viewer’s imagination to work its own magic. Favouring spray paint, Bloomfield creates textured images, in which the pigment is feathered and soft. “I often used spray paint as a teen” he says, “when out creating guerrilla art with friends in London.

The idea of using street material in a more traditional way appeals to me.” Yet, perhaps more than any external influence, Bloomfield’s aesthetic is marked by endless introspection and deep contemplation, resulting in a body of work that is accessible to a wide audience, because, as he democratically advocates: “Everyone should have an original painting in their home”.

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