Ricky Byrne

London-based printmaker Ricky Byrne is known for his refined screen printing process, which draws together the traditional and the digital for a strong, contemporary aesthetic. For Ricky the beauty of the printing process lies in the capacity for variation: like the natural and historic subjects he depicts, each print in an edition is a near-perfect copy, while inevitably, possessing its own imperfections and deviations.

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Ricky’s prints combine subject study, photography, and digital manipulation, incorporating the CMYK and hand gilding processes to create rich and arresting visuals. His prints are often minimalist - think stripped back monochrome palettes teamed with forceful compositions - for an aesthetic that stops you in your tracks.

Alongside making his own prints, Ricky is a Screenprinting tutor, and a professional printmaker as part of Mesh & Blade, a printing service he co-founded with a close friend and business partner.’

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