Richard Young

Fine artist Richard Young works towards a contemporary realism, merging photographic imagery with the visual virtuosity of historical painters. Born in Yorkshire in 1961, Young graduated in engineering - an enterprise that would lay the ground for his highly skilled approach to visual art.

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Self-taught, Young began working as a commercial artist in 2003, before developing his own, creative aesthetic. Blending his love of travel with a flair for pencil and chalk drawing, Young turned to the medium of oil painting, and developed his own, accomplished technique: working exclusively with a knife and often a limited colour palette, Young mixes and crafts only on the canvas, to create life-like imagery.

Blending modern subjects with classical styles, Young is inspired by the work of the Renaissance masters, incorporating dramatic light and shade to create mood and atmosphere. Freezing his dynamic subjects in the immanence of the painted moment, Young’s artworks are a powerful reclamation of fine art in the twenty-first century.

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