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Hueman Silent Power £245.00
Antony 'H' Haylock Everything Happens… (Sunmaid Raisin box) £195.00
Sara Pope Hard Candy £200.00
Sara Pope Attitude £85.00
Ben Allen Wildfire - Large £220.00
Sara Pope Love Life Listen £150.00
Antony 'H' Haylock Defence of the Inanimate - Coke Can... £195.00
Ben Allen 1 Dollar Love - Small £95.00
Whatshisname POPek Red £250.00
Cassandra Yap Out Of The Darkness Scarlet Edition £200.00
David Studwell David Bowie £300.00
Chris Keegan Brilliant Sky £150.00
Lucas Price Economy of Scale (Two) £225.00
Whatshisname Gone Mouse Girl - Red £195.00
Brendan Neiland Chief £300.00
Bruce McLean Healing Garden £1,100.00
Mark Hooley Breakfast £100.00
Mark Rothko Light Red over Black £156.00
Dominic Bradnum Home Sweet Home £120.00
Terry Frost RA Orange Dusk (1970) £225.00
Terry Frost RA Red and Black Solid (1967-8) £225.00
Peter Blake Found Art: Claudia Dell £2,750.00
Lene Bladbjerg Thank you For Not Smiling £70.00
Simon Dixon Lennon & McCartney £240.00
Richard Heeps Telephone £180.00