Purple Artwork

A colour often associated with sophistication, our curated collection of purple wall art oozes charm and opulence.

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Progress Not Perfection - Framed by Rob Draper
Ready To Hang
Progress Not Perfection - Framed £130

Rob Draper

66 x 76cm

Limited edition of 75

Swimmers in Fog by Katherine Bradford
Swimmers in Fog £2,500

Katherine Bradford

67.94 x 91.44cm

Limited edition of 125

Samarium £295

Lee Wagstaff

55.5 x 75.5cm

Limited edition of 30

Merry we go round £175

Kristian Jones

50 x 70 cm

Limited edition of 10

Harmony Bear by Louise McNaught
Sold Out
Rise no.3 by Lisa Lloyd
Rise no.3 from £120

Lisa Lloyd

Various sizes

Monterey Mulberry from £280

Nadia Attura

Various sizes

Aquatics by Julian Opie
Sold Out
Aquatics £100

Julian Opie

15 x 20.5cm

Limited Edition of 2012

Birthday Bear by Louise McNaught
Sold Out
Share Bear by Louise McNaught
Share Bear £75

Louise McNaught

21 x 30cm

Limited Edition of 100

Small Inflatable T-REX (Purple), 2020 by Brett Kern
Sold Out
Small Inflatable T-REX (Purple), 2020 £700

Brett Kern

17.8 x 17.8 x 12.7 cm

Unnumbered edition of unknown size

Study of Perspective in Glass (Violet), 2018-2019 by Ai Weiwei
Study of Perspective in Glass (Violet), 2018-2019 £12,000

Ai Weiwei

12.4 x 9.8 x 11 cm

Limited Edition of 100

Violet Rose, 2015 by Donald Baechler
Sold Out
Violet Rose, 2015 £4,740

Donald Baechler

101.6 x 78.1 cm

Limited Edition of 35

Hello Kitty Purple, 2012 by Shepard Fairey
Hello Kitty Purple, 2012 £2,920

Shepard Fairey

61 x 45.7 cm

Limited Edition of 500

The Day of the Dead, circa 2012 by Jorge Alderete
The Day of the Dead, circa 2012 £500

Jorge Alderete

32 x 39 cm

Limited Edition of 150