Contemporary graffiti artist Pref began painting onto streets and shutters nearly 20 years ago, when the now-established street art scene was only in its infant years. With street savvy experience behind him, Pref went on to study graphic design at art college, where he honed his already considerable talent into a highly skilled aesthetic.

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Immersed in the urban landscape of London, and inspired by the city’s underground networks, its abandoned buildings, and its centres for contemporary art, Pref developed a practice that fuses with and augments the concrete cityscape with nuance and sensitivity.

Challenging the two-dimensional surface of the flat plane, Pref’s street-art plays with depth and illusion, often appearing to flow across or fold out from a facade with architectural ingenuity: a kind of contemporary troupe l’oeil with rigorous artistic clout. Incorporating the typographic, Pref’s work is both rhythmic and dynamic - an aesthetic you can get lost in.

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