Poppy Faun

Poppy is a collage artist and graphic designer from Brighton who uses the imagery of the 60s and 70s to create a futuristic image out of vintage relics.

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Her otherworldly imaginings are created from snippets of retro magazines and postcards found in flea markets that she pieces together to create her own imaginary world. Poppy idealises the simplicity of the past, and describes her work as “escapism from the modern world”. We love how Poppy embraces the grainy yet charming quality of vintage magazines, while making sure to echo the revolutionary themes of the 60s and 70s in her artwork. Her work is a love letter to the Rock and Roll mentality of those decades.

Poppy had a creative childhood, with her passions for music, art and fashion encouraged by her artist parents. Once she funelled her creative juices solely into her art, Polly got her career breakthrough in 2017: a Playboy commission. Since then, she has collaborated with a variety of brands, from South Korean shoe designer YUUL-YIE to jewellery designer Missoma. Her artwork has been featured in British Vogue, and she has exhibited her work worldwide.

We have worked with Poppy since 2018.

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