Penelope Kenny

Penelope is an Australian artist living and working in Brighton, UK. Her thought-provoking prints explore humanity’s relationship with the natural environment, particularly in relation to evolution, biotechnology and hybrid species.

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Penelope redefines the concept of the ‘animal’, creating imaginary species that could potentially exist through human intervention, genetic mutation and scientific interference. We love how Penelope gains inspiration from scientific sources such as the work of Charles Darwin, taxidermy, dioramas and scientific drawings when constructing her hybrid creatures. The artist uses handmade inks from metallic glazes and ground pure pigments to create her vintage-inspired artwork that unsettles the viewer, drawing attention to the dangers of human intervention in the natural world.

Penelope is originally from Australia, where she studied Visual Art at the University of Melbourne. After settling in the UK, she completed a BA (Hons) in Printmaking at the University of Brighton, where she now lives and works. She has also worked in Mexico, and attributes her unconventional animal creations to the great variety of species she experienced on her travels. Penelope’s work has been exhibited in the UK and internationally, and she has had the honour of representing Britain at the prestigious Kyoto Hanga International Print Biennale, held in both Japan and the UK.

We’ve been working with Penelope Kenny since 2014.


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