Paul Cezanne

Paul Cézanne (1839 – 1906) was a post-Impressionist French painter, best known for his incredibly varied painting style, which greatly influenced 20th century abstract art. It has been said that his work formed the bridge between late 19th Century Impressionism and the early 20th Century's new line of artistic inquiry, Cubism.

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Paul Cézanne said that his ambition was to 'make of Impressionism something solid and durable like the art of museums'. Absorbed by many influences, including Courbet and Manet, his brushwork used planes of colour and small brushstrokes that build up to form complex fields. He worked slowly and methodically, selecting subjects he could study for long periods - “Art is a harmony parallel with nature.”. The mastery of design, tone, composition and colour of his art prints are now highly recognisable around the world. Both Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso were greatly influenced by Cézanne and they remarked that Cézanne "is the father of us all."

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