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Lee Ellis You should see the other guy £2,000.00
Lee Ellis Kiss with a fist £2,000.00
Lee Ellis A taste for 5 knuckle sandwiches £2,000.00
Will Claridge I'm a King and She's my Queen... £125.00
Will Claridge Blossom in the Morning : Essex £125.00
Will Claridge A Catch Up: B Camden, London £125.00
Will Claridge Moored Masts: Tollesbury, Essex £125.00
Robert Owen Bloomfield Watching £1,135.00
Robert Owen Bloomfield In the Mountains £1,135.00
Lee Ellis Is This Thing Loaded? £3,500.00
Dragomir Mišina Almost Between 4 £7,440.00
Dragomir Mišina Almost Between 3 £3,600.00
Dragomir Mišina Almost Between 2 £3,600.00
Robert Owen Bloomfield Journey (2) £1,849.00
Anne-Marie Ellis Mimi £850.00
Anne-Marie Ellis French Lace £475.00
Anne-Marie Ellis Polka Dot Provocateur £475.00
Anne-Marie Ellis My Black Heart - Set of Two... £850.00
Anne-Marie Ellis Hermes Orange III £600.00
Owain George Paradise Lost - Original £1,500.00