Owain George

Owain George is a photorealistic painter who lives and works in Bedford. His highly detailed works of exotic animals were inspired by his own travels to Asia and Africa. Read more

Witnessing these beautiful animals in their natural habitat ignited Owain’s passion for depicting wildlife. We love how Owain’s work explores humanity’s relationship with nature, highlighting the delicate relationship between humans and animals. His realistic paintings serve to remind us of the dangers these animals face in the wild, and the duty we have to protect them.

In 2017, Owain was shortlisted for the ‘Wildlife Artist of the Year’ Award organised by the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. His work has been consecutively featured in Explorers Against Extinction’s ‘Sketch for Survival’ exhibition. This event is held at the Royal Geographical Society in London and is also displayed in New York, and features work by leading wildlife artists. For two years, Owain was the Featured Artist at the Art Centre and Gallery, Bedford.

We’ve been working with Owain George since 2019.


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