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Peter Blake Four Seasons Portfolio £1,500.00
Magnus Gjoen There are Some Dead Who are More... £1,200.00
Peter Blake Small Union Flag - Glitter £2,200.00
Dave White Flamingo II £1,200.00
Peter Blake A - The Dazzle Alphabet £1,175.00
Peter Blake BBC3 - Tightrope Walker £1,500.00
Dave White Doe Hand Finished £1,800.00
Storm Thorgerson Tree of Half Life (Pink Floyd) £1,440.00
Marc Quinn Eye Of History Etching £2,400.00
Marc Quinn Kuma Mela £2,400.00
Peter Blake I Love You Very Much £9,000.00
Dan Baldwin Tantrum Confession £1,250.00
Peter Blake Faith, Hope and Charity, 2011 £1,500.00
Samuel Hicks Nowhere - Large £1,140.00
Bruce McLean Red Garden Path £1,200.00
Jayson Lilley Framed Battersea Pier £1,250.00
Lyle Owerko Boombox 21 £2,000.00
Peter Blake BBC1 - Rupert the Bear & Friends... £1,500.00
Mark Vessey Bond XL £1,650.00
Peter Blake The Dazzle Alphabet Box Set £19,750.00
Ben Eine Metal Cube £1,500.00
Storm Thorgerson Pulse (Pink Floyd) £1,800.00
Storm Thorgerson Division Bell Metal Heads (Pink Floyd) £1,400.00
Dan Baldwin The Mute Witness £3,400.00
Peter Blake Found Art: Claudia Dell £2,750.00
Peter Blake USA Series - James Dean £2,400.00