Opake is a graffiti artist living and working in London. His distinctive designs take iconic childhood characters such as Snoopy and Daffy Duck and transform them into tattoo-covered punk figures that subvert their innocent aesthetic.

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We love how Opake takes these renowned characters and transforms their wholesome image, with their punk style and anti-establishment aesthetic inspired directly by Opake’s own experiences with graffiti culture in his transformative years. 

Opake was creative from a young age and first started practicing graffiti at the age of 13, experimenting with tagging and eventually participating in large scale mural projects with other graffiti artists. In his twenties, Opake got involved in the rave scene and was led astray from his art for a period of time. The artist now claims that “it was only after getting clean and sober that I really started to focus on pushing my own style of art forward - the disintegration of pop culture.” Opake’s collaborations with other graffiti artists as well as his apprenticeship in tattoo art have helped define and develop his distinctive illustrative style.

We’ve been working with Opake since 2020.

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