Opake is a London based graffiti artist. Starting at the age of 13 he experimented first
with subculture and tagging, and it was here that he discovered the art form allowed him to produce large-scale pieces for everyone to experience for free. He naturally gravitated towards larger mural based collaborative work with other graffiti writers. This, and an apprenticeship in tattoo art, led to his unique illustrative style combining letter work and street/popular culture.

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Opake's unique mixed media art combines graffiti, pop art, bold lettering and an
introduction of the punk aesthetic. Each piece has its own back story and is inspired by Opake's youth and his own struggles with the establishment. It's his take on how each character would cope with the current social challenges we all face day to day if they lived in these times.

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All artworks by Opake - Art Prints & Original Works

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