Olly Howe

Olly is a contemporary artist living in Cornwall who specialises in digital collage. His work is a blend of digital photo manipulation and hand painted elements, creating a fusion between old and new practices.

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We love how Olly’s work celebrates modernity and embraces contemporary art methods, whilst honouring the traditional methods of painting that inspired him as a child. Olly’s images regularly feature the female form combined with elements of nature - from bird wings to insects - resulting in surreal but beautiful images that challenge the viewer’s perception.

After studying Graphic Design at Plymouth College of Art and Design, Olly initially worked as a freelance designer and illustrator whilst living in east London, and his work was regularly featured in magazines such as Photoshop Creative and Computer Arts. After 7 years in the city, Olly moved back to the coast with his family and eventually settled in Newquay, Cornwall. In January 2017, Olly took the leap and released his first limited edition print to great acclaim, and the sale of his work quickly gained momentum. In 2018, Olly met fellow artist Ben Allen and moved into his studio with him. Within a month, he had become an artist full-time, and his career has gone from strength to strength.

We’ve been working with Olly Howe since 2019.


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