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Nikki Brewster - the woman behind creative studio, Nolasean - is a contemporary artist and designer, based in the North East of England. Inspired by the explosive Abstract Expressionism of the 1950s and the playful Pop Art of the 1960s, Brewster’s work sits somewhere at the hinge of these twentieth-century giants - but with a fresh, twenty-first century take, mixing collage with paint, typography with pure abstraction, for a bold, contemporary aesthetic.

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Graduating from Brighton University’s School of Art and Design in 2017, Brewster returned to her roots in the North East, blending her professional, academic experience with a more personal touch - and Nolasean was born. An independent, creative studio producing sculpture and print-based ephemera, Nolasean specialises in cutting-edge design in limited edition runs, supplied by only a bespoke number of UK stockists.

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