Nessie Ramm

Nessie Ramm is a Sussex-based contemporary landscape artist with a passion for plants. From flattened drinks cans to abandoned road signs, Ramm upcycles and breathes life and colour into detritus with the quirky and colourful adornment of flowers. Ramm studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge University, before going on to take an MA in Fine Art, where she revealed the thriving life of lawns through detailed paintings. She combines her artistic skill and scientific knowledge in intricate representations of nature with an important message.

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In 2017 Ramm realised she found a wider variety of wildflowers on road verges than ‘in the wild.’ This provoked a campaign to regenerate local verges, and Ramm’s desire to protect our wildlife and wildflowers. As a litter-picker for her village, Ramm often came across dumped road signs. She began to paint on the road signs, enjoying the translucent and glimmering effect caused by applying paint to metal. In her transformation of road signs, she started to embrace the text, allowing the words to become part of the art. We love how Ramm incorporates the instructions of the road signs into her art, allowing them to take on a whole different meaning.  

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60 x 65cm

Limited Edition of 100

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