Miriam Lobo

Miriam is a Brighton-based artist who discovered her talent for print making while living in Barcelona. Bright blocks of colour, repetition and abstract shapes dominate Miriam’s work, with her passion for photography prompting her proclivity for highly saturated images and colour blocking. Read more

We love how Miriam’s work is inspired by the Pop Art movement, but with a contemporary twist. Her prints hold a distinctly retro feel, blending the old and the new to create a visually appealing amalgamation of artistic references.

After gaining degrees in neuroscience and psychology, Miriam took a detour from the sciences to pursue a new calling in Barcelona. It was here that she discovered her passion for painting and printmaking. She returned to England in 2016 to study for a Diploma in Art at City College in Brighton, where she still lives today. Miriam has received a series of large-scale commissions for corporate spaces and she has participated in events such as the Brighton Print Fair and Inkspot Printing Studio’s Open House exhibition.

We’ve been working with Miriam Lobo since 2017.


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Peeping Leia - Blue Art Print by Miriam Lobo

Peeping Leia - Blue

70 x 50cm

Limited Edition of 50

Peeping Leia Portrait

42 x 59.4 cm

Limited Edition of 25

Peeping Leia Landscape

70 x 50 cm

Limited Edition of 25

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