Marc Quinn

Marc lives and works in London and has been known to explore both traditional and nontraditional materials, in a range of mediums: sculptures, paintings, and drawings. We love his approach to the use of bold colours, paired with his interest in how people live in and navigate the world.

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His attention to the complex systems which govern our world, such as our relationship with nature, human desire, identity, and beauty reflect Marc’s passion for symbolic and thoughtful artworks. 

His hyperrealistic oil paintings of flowers reinvigorate the traditional still-life into vibrant images: “Since most of the flowers and fruit in these compositions would never bloom at the same time, or even be found together in the natural world, they show us the way in which human desire has created new seasons - bringing together in one geographical location things that nature would not assemble.” Marc Quinn

Marc graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in History and History of Art, and regularly uses his academic background to connect his contemporary artwork to that of antiquity. He is particularly interested in the relationship between art and science, the human body and the perception of beauty. As a leading contemporary artist, Marc has exhibited internationally in various prestigious museums and galleries, including; Tate Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, The British Museum, MACRO, Musée Océanographique, and Somerset House. In addition to numerous exhibitions, he has received two awards for his art prints: The Royal Academy of Arts Charles Wollaston Award in 2001 and the 4th Plinth Commission for Trafalgar Square in 2004. 

We’ve been working with Marc Quinn since 2012.

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