Lyle Owerko

Photojournalist Lyle Owerko is best known as the man behind Time’s cover art on September 14, 2001: a breathtaking and poignant snapshot of New York’s twin towers, at the moment of impact on 9/11. The San Francisco based artist has made his mark on the twenty-first century, detailing one of the most momentous events of recent history; capturing the Kenyan Samburu, one of the world’s last surviving warrior tribes; and documenting the history of the boombox, transforming the stereo into an icon that shaped a generation.

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A self-professed “pop-culture junkie,” Owerko’s eye is firmly on the ball: as his work testifies, Owerko is deeply tuned into the urban world around him, which he records with compelling intensity. In 2010, Abrams published ‘The Boombox Project’, a book collection of his timeless boombox photographs; the same year Hasselblad Cameras named him a ‘Hasselblad Master’ for his contributions to the world of photojournalism. Today Owerko’s work can be seen in galleries and museums across the globe, including London’s V&A, and his collectors lists reads like a who’s who of contemporary celebrity culture, including Beyonce & Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, Adele, Madonna, LL. Cool J., Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz, NAS, Carmelo Anthony, Usher, Tyler Perry, Timbaland, Kanye West, Questlove, Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, Randy Jackson, and The Kings of Leon.

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