Lee Ellis

Lee is a Bristol-based contemporary artist known for his intense abstract portraits. Lee embraces a variety of different artistic mediums when creating his emotionally charged artworks, from painting to drawing and printmaking. Expressive brush strokes and a saturated colour palette are juxtaposed with his raw depiction of figures writhing in pain.

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We love how Lee never fails to depict the visceral angst and inner turmoil of his subjects, relying on his dynamic painting and drawing approach to draw the viewer into an intense emotional experience. Lee’s experimental process of creation drives his work forward. He embraces the use of alternative mediums such as spray paint to contribute to the animalistic energy of each piece.

Lee studied graphic design at the University of the West of England, where he graduated in 2006. Despite this, Lee developed an affinity for portrait painting and developed his distinctive style over years of practice. Since 2007, Lee has participated in a variety of exhibitions across the UK. Group exhibitions include the Battersea Affordable Art Fair and shows at the Leontia Gallery, Lacey Gallery and Well Hung Gallery, all in London. Lee’s stand-out solo shows include Pretty Ugly at Art Pistol in Glasgow, Work in Progress at Square Club, Bristol, and Show No.31 at Play Dead Gallery, Portsmouth. Lee’s work has also been featured in House and Garden Magazine.

We’ve been working with Lee Ellis since 2015.


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