Lauren Baker

Lauren is a contemporary experimental artist living and working in London. Her work touches upon themes such as human connection, spirituality, and the metaphysical. Lauren’s signature neon work is built around the refraction and reflection of light, where she aspires to make the unseen elements of the cosmos visible and evoke images of breathtaking celestial scenes.

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These ethereal works of art seek to address the vastness of the universe and the fragility of life, while also providing words of affirmation and positivity written in Lauren's own handwriting. We love how Lauren listens to sound waves when she works in order to achieve a meditative state and transfer her positive energy into her work.

Lauren’s work was inspired by her trip to South America in 2012, particularly her interactions with shamans in the Peruvian jungle and the mosaic street art in Brazil. Lauren’s installations have been featured worldwide. In 2020, Lauren’s 4 metre high sculpture Frequency of the Sun was installed in the UNESCO World Heritage site in the Saudi Arabian desert. Other noteworthy installations include a 7.5 metre neon sign called A Simple Hello over Surrey St Bridge in Croydon in 2017, and a collaboration with BMW Culture X Frieze for Frieze Week 2020, a public light art installation named One Thought Changes Everything. Other installations of Lauren’s have been displayed at galleries including the Tate Modern, the V&A, and Tate Britain.

We’ve been working with Lauren Baker since 2017.

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