Laura Benetton

Italian-born artist Laura Benetton is known for her semi-abstracted, mixed-media artworks, which explore the intersection between nature and science. Depicting rare butterfly and bird species, Benetton’s work blends fine art, sculpture, and light installation, to produce an aesthetic that crosses material, stylistic, and thematic boundaries with innovative ease.

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Always pushing conventional expectations, Benetton seeks to establish a subjective relationship between viewer and art, so that each work is an event, rather than simply an object of contemplation, which opens up the possibility for an immersive experience. Benetton’s career boasts an impressive roster of achievements and associations.

Graduating from Venice’s prestigious Academy of Fine Art, Benetton was awarded the competitive Arnaldo Pomodoro’s artist in residence in 2008 and, in the same year, had her first solo exhibition at Venice’s ‘Palazzo Boldu’. Scouted by A+A Gallery, Benetton produced her first installation project—a multidisciplinary convergence of light, sound, and painting—before moving to Istanbul in 2009 to develop her painting technique. Returning to Italy, Benetton went onto explore sculpture, resin, and large-scale painting, while working as a scenographer and painter for the theatre and for the Maestro Luigi Pizzi.

In 2010 she moved to London, where she lives and works today. Since 2014, Benetton has been a resident artist at Wimbledon Art Studios, and has been represented by galleries in the UK, Italy and the USA. Her work is held in numbers public and price collections across the world. Selected exhibitions include: The Houses of Parliament; Zari Gallery, London; Gallery Claire Corsica, Paris, New York; Affordable Art Fairs; A+A Gallery, Venice; Art065 Gallery, Pesaro; Galerja Mazchek, Croatia; Degree Art; Vyner Street Gallery, London.

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