La Shuks

La Shuks is a British-born artist, whose limited edition prints and originals offer glimpses into fantastical other worlds. Having spent her childhood travelling - growing up in Seoul, Hong Kong, and Dubai - La Shuks was inspired by the bright and colourful packaging and advertising in Asian countries.

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Using collage processes, La Shuks, weaves together these elements with landscape photography and drawn details, to create kaleidoscopic imaginaries. Placing the past in dialogue with the future, La Shuks dreams up new natural evolutions by mining the relics of a pre-human earth.

The name La Shuks is derived from "Inukshuks", the stone landmarks used in the Arctic region of North America, as a point of navigational reference. As if to anchor and navigate her own work, La Shuks hides an Inukshuk in every piece of art.

La Shuks has exhibited within the UK, at shows in London and Brighton, as well as in parts of Europe, including Stockholm and Brussels.

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