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Haus of Lucy, formerly Lucy Bryant Drive Thru - A1 £500.00
Haus of Lucy, formerly Lucy Bryant Drive Thru - A0 £750.00
Anne-Marie Ellis Hermes Orange III £600.00
Anne-Marie Ellis Veuve £495.00
Victoria Topping Ikebana I £300.00
Victoria Topping Lobster £250.00
Anne-Marie Ellis Spilt a 'wee' drop?! £425.00
Angel London Chanel Vintage Pineapple (A2 £99.00
Anne-Marie Ellis Simply Coke £400.00
Anne-Marie Ellis Black Whiskey £450.00
Anne-Marie Ellis Hermès' Orange I £600.00
Anne-Marie Ellis Spring Dressing £650.00
Angus Vasili Forms 19 £160.00
Angus Vasili Forms 12.2 £150.00
Angus Vasili Forms 1 £110.00
Pakpoom Silaphan Marilyn on Double Pepsi - Artist Proof... £1,035.00
Pakpoom Silaphan Keith on Sprite - Artist Proof £800.00
Pakpoom Silaphan Bob Dylan on Fanta - Artist Proof... £800.00
Pakpoom Silaphan Warhol On Pepsi - Artist Proof £800.00
Marcelina Amelia I'm Not An Easy Peeler £250.00
Marcelina Amelia Home £420.00
Benjamin Thomas Taylor She's Got The Whole World In Her... £95.00
AME72 Umbrella - White £150.00
Simon Freeborough Solitaire £225.00
Simon Freeborough Melee £225.00