Kid-B is a British typography artist who translates their passion for music into art through an electric use of colour and form. We love how Kid-B’s artwork is bold, mixing street style with a Pop Art aesthetic to create powerful prints often influenced by and in celebration of music. 

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Kid-B is the same woman behind female Bass DJ, ‘B-Trix Kiddo.’ She is driven by a keen sensitivity to colour and composition, creating a sense of playfulness in her artwork. Her collections frequently celebrate the golden age of Drum, Bass, and Garage music of the 1990s and 2000s by blending retro iconography with contemporary aesthetics.

We’ve been working with Kid-B since 2016. 

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Kid-B £65

Junglist - Classic

50 x 50 cm

Limited Edition of 100

Kid-B £65

I'll Bring You Flowers

50 x 50 cm

Limited Edition of 45

Kid-B £90

It's a London Thing AP

50 x 50 cm

Limited Edition of 45 + 5AP's

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