Kazimir Malevich

Kazimir Severinovich Malevich (1878–1935) was a Russian painter and art theoretician, a pioneer of geometric abstract art and the originator of the Suprematist movement. Malevich learned Impressionist and Post-Impressionist painting techniques at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture. He began painting in a tubular style, related to Cubism - and then completely removed geometric shapes from his paintings, giving rise to an abstract style, that he called Suprematism. His first art print in this new school was ‘The Black Square’ in 1915, with ‘The Black Circle’ following it the same year. He created a new art of pure geometricism, intended to be universally comprehensible regardless of cultural origin. Unfortunately, the leadership of Soviet deemed Kazimir Malevich’s work anti-Soviet. Malevich had to abandoned Suprematism and died a short time later. Nevertheless, Kazimir Malevich left a lasting legacy as a pioneer of abstract art.

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