JubeJube, also known as Martin Smith, creates portraits that celebrate the success of cultural icons and musical legends. Combining image and text, JubeJube’s portraits are poignant and emotional, often commemorating the icons they depict.

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We love how the artist draws on religious motifs, with each composition and bold colour palette strikingly similar to that of a stained glass window. JubeJube pays homage to the illustrious careers of these musicians by including excerpts of their best-loved lyrics in each piece.

Having worked as an Art Director for many years, JubeJube is constantly surrounded by creative innovators. From painters and illustrators to typographers and photographers, these artists shaped his creative process and provided him with immense inspiration. In the artist's own words: “I had always been comfortable with my position as creator of the ‘idea’ and recognised my role as someone who had run the first leg of a relay race and now had to rely on others to get it over the line. Only recently have I tried to combine the ‘thinking’ with the actual ‘doing’.”

We’ve been working with JubeJube since 2015.

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