Jono Dry

Contemporary South African artist Jono Dry is known for his unique photorealist-surrealist illustrations: large-scale, graphite on paper drawings that pose as state-of-the-art, greyscale photographs. Each image contains extraordinary detail, as if shot on a macro lens: every ridge of a human fingerprint; the pitted texture of a tiny pebble; a delicate network of eyelashes framing an iridescent iris.

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Yet just when you think you’re gazing on a perfectly focused photograph, Dry confounds your expectations by introducing subtle surrealist elements to produce impossible scenes and snapshots with the veneer of irrefutable realism. Powerfully beautiful and intensely captivating, Jono Dry’s pictures are a reminder of the power of art to open up imagined places and fantastical possibilities, to transport the viewer to an elsewhere, and to get lost in the depths of an image.

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