John Singer Sargent

John Singer Sargent (1856 –1925) was an Italian-born American artist – and perhaps the most celebrated portraitist of his time, however he left it at the very height of his fame to devote his time fully to landscape painting. Sargent traveled extensively throughout Europe. He never stopped traveling, but he never stopped painting either. To describe Sargent is to say that he painted.

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His intense hard work mastered so many different painting styles. He did over 900 oils and more than 2,000 water colours, along with countless charcoal sketch-portraits and endless pencil drawings. He was an Impressionist, a Classical Portraitist, a Landscape Artist, a Water Colourist and a Muralist of public art all at the same time. He even started sculpting in his later years. At artrepublic, why not purchase one of his prodigious art prints?

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