Jason Freeny

Jason Freeny

American artist Jason Freeny is known for his illustrative art and sculptural work. With a background as a toy designer, his distinctive aesthetic exudes a surreal and uneasy blend of childish innocence and adult maturity, suffused with deviant wit and touches of pop-iconography.

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His anatomical pieces, which have earned him several Designer Toy awards, detail dissected, inanimate objects - from Lego men to Barbie dolls - exposing internal ‘biological’ structures. Freeny is the owner of Moist Production Studio, the main publisher and distributor of his work, and has collaborated with several international toy producers. Freeny has picked up a string of awards since 2011, including Artist of the Year (2014) and Best Vinyl and Plastic (2016) and his work can be seen at exhibition spaces across the United States.

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