James Ravilious

James Ravilious (1939 –1999), was an English photographer, best known for his beautiful black and white photographs of the rural life and landscape of Devon, in England. James took pictures of all aspects of local life including; landscape, farming, everyday life in the local towns and villages, and special occasions.

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His pictures captured forever a way of life - of hard work, stoicism and humour - and revealed real life as it was, living in late 20th century rural England. With more than 80,000 black and white images that he gave to the Archive, he probably made it the most extensive record of any rural area in England.

James' art prints have been exhibited in England, France and America; and can be seen in several collections. He published a number of books of his photographs, and contributed to many others. Although he never received the attention his work deserved, he is now admired all around the world. Take a look at some of his art prints here at artrepublic.

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