James Kingman

We’ve been working with James since 2021. 

James is a London-based contemporary street artist who is primarily inspired by design and Pop culture. With a tendency to blend raw outputs with more controlled elements, he creates engaging adorations or tongue-in-cheek reflections on pop-society. We love James' experimentation with bold colour, and his original take on pop culture classics using neon inks that make for a gorgeous and varied collection of work.

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In the artist’s own words: 

“I gathered influences from Swiss design, Bauhaus and user-centric design. I suppose my style is a blend of all those things, with the addition of screen printing, which has opened up a whole avenue that I’m only scratching the surface of. The driving force behind each composition always comes back to the freedom of creative expression and the platform to communicate messages.”

Coming from the world of design, with over 15 years of experience in the creative industry applying his trade to the work of leading agencies, James has turned attention back to art. James’ work is has been displayed in galleries across the UK.

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