Jake Wood-Evans

Contemporary artist Jake Wood-Evans breathes new life into traditional techniques, for a breathtaking aesthetic. A modern master, Wood-Evans draws on the work of the Baroque greats, infusing his oil paintings with a touch of Turner’s rough abstraction. Each piece marks a moment of disintegration and dissolution: there is something ghostly, lurking in the luminosity of every painting that gestures towards the ephemerality of passing instants.

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With a mastery of light, texture, and colour, Wood-Evans fuses with figurative with the abstract, detailing portraits and landscapes, but not as you know them: faces are scratched away, waves are captured at the point of breaking, animals seem frozen in motion, for a spellbinding reinvigoration of historical art practices. A graduate from Falmouth University, Wood-Evans’ work can be found in private collections internationally, including New York, Malaysia, London, Antwerp and Miami. He has exhibited at international art fairs as well as at galleries in London and across the UK.

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