Horace Pippin: Fine Art Prints & Artworks for Sale

We’ve been working with Horace Panter since October 2020. 

Born and raised in Croydon, Horace has always been interested in the practice of art and music. Despite being better known as a member of band The Specials, Horace is also a successful visual artist and Pop Culture deeply inspires his audio and his visual artistic work. We love the emphasis his work places on the cassette as an icon in terms of its place in musical history, with each cassette artwork celebrating a band or song that has become a much-loved classic and the recording studio in which it was produced .  


Horace graduated from Lanchester Polytechnic with a BA in Fine Art and whilst there, he met his fellow band members Jerry Dammers and Lynval Golding, and together they formed ‘The Specials’. Exhibiting across the UK, Horace’s artwork is strongly infused with the sensibilities of the British Pop Art movement. 


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