Hello Marine

Marine is a French artist living in Brighton, UK. Her vibrant illustrations are a delight to the eye, with her intense colour palette and playful designs evoking feelings of warmth and joy.

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We love how Marine draws inspiration from the retro aesthetic of the 1970s and the work of fellow French painters Matisse and Rousseau. These influences are echoed in her bold linework and simplistic compositions. Above all, Marine’s works are an optimistic and cheerful expression of everyday objects that also pack a visual punch.

Marine has exhibited her work in galleries alongside working with individual clients for many years. She has worked on a variety of advertising campaigns with brands such as Dior, Penguin, Ikea, the New York Times, and Time Out magazine. Exhibitions include her solo show Oh So Still at Meiklejohn Gallery, UK, and group shows such as All You Need is Love in Paris, Plant Life at The Art Cave Gallery in Santa Cruz USA, and Fourplay hosted by Unlimited Gallery in the UK.

We’ve been working with Hello Marine since 2011.

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