Hannah Woodhouse

Hannah's love of colourful imagery was borne from her exploration of Cornwall’s subtropical gardens and it's rocky coastline. Hannah’s eye-catching designs combine her love of the natural environment with her avid interest in graphic design. Read more

Hannah lives and works in Newquay, Cornwall and is inspired by her childhood adventures on the coast. Her vibrant blocks of colour are fragmented by delicate line work, creating an intricate and joyful depiction of nature. We love how Hannah works with acrylic and gouache paint, and then embellishes the canvas with Posca paint pens, creating an intricate pattern of lines that is aligned with her love of all things graphic. 

After leaving school, Hannah completed a foundation course in Art and Design but it wasn't until many years later that she was reunited with her passion for art. Hannah is outspoken about her work acting as a form of therapy for her. After being diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder in her forties after decades of mental health problems, she finds her art a useful resource when managing her mental state. She invites others into the carefree world she creates through her art, encouraging us to shed our troubles and instead immerse ourselves in her colourful imagery.

We’ve been working with Hannah Woodhouse since 2020.

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