Hannah Thomas

Hannah is an abstract artist living and working in Wiltshire, UK. Her experimental pieces overwhelm the senses and unsettle the eye, creating an aura of unbalance that radiates from the painting.

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Beautiful yet macabre, Hannah’s works are complex and ambiguous, with these emotional conflicts fighting for attention on the canvas. We love how Hannah creates experimental works that defy all form and sense of space. Her work is a pure form of creativity that refuses to follow any rules.

Hannah spent much of her childhood abroad travelling with her geologist father. These feelings of rootlessness and familiarity with the title of ‘outsider’ trickle down into Hannah’s work. After achieving a BA in Art and Visual Culture from the University of West England, Hannah worked as a photographer in London until 2012 before pursuing her passion for abstract art full time. Her work has been included in several group exhibitions such as the See Me Art Takes 2021 exhibition in New York, and Visionary Projects/Lohme Gallery’s Disrupting the Stillness exhibition, also in New York. In May 2021, Albe Art Gallery held a solo online exhibition showcasing Hannah’s work.

We’ve been working with Hannah Thomas since 2021.

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