Hannah Thomas

Creating abstract works high in atmosphere and energy, Hannah seeks to infuse her paintings with an undercurrent of darkness, creating a sense of complexity and ambiguity within the boundaries of the painting; pockets of resistance that serve to obfuscate and remain unresolved. Her work is focused on exploring ideas of Absurdism and building on favourite themes of chaos and conflicting emotional states.

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Hannah Thomas is an abstract painter, based in Wiltshire, UK.  She studied art at University of West of England, specialising in photography.  She moved to London shortly after and worked for over a decade as a music photographer, before moving into painting in late 2017. 

She has had a solo exhibition in London, received Honourable Mention in Painting in the LICC Awards and has recently been selected for several international group exhibitions.  She is also featured in new art publication ‘Coronart’, highlighting the best work created during the pandemic.

She is currently organising finding a permanent studio space and working on her new series of paintings ‘Absurdist Dreams’.

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