Gareth Tristan Evans

We’ve been working with Gareth since 2019. 

Gareth is a Singapore-born contemporary artist who grew up in Wales, but now lives and works in Macclesfield. Influenced by childhood memories, vintage textiles, comic books and street styles, his work uses a range of techniques from traditional pen and brushwork to photography. We love his nonconformist combination of multiple different mediums to create such colourful compositions.  

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In the artist's own words: “I was obsessed with drawing and painting as a child right up to leaving school.  However, in the 80’s, in my world art wasn’t seen as a serious profession. Family, work and responsibilities filled every moment but now I have more time. A second chance to pursue my childhood dream.” 

After gathering interest from contemporary art collectors, Gareth has exhibited extensively across UK galleries and at Art Fairs in Manchester and Edinburgh. 

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