Gareth Hayward

Gareth lives and works in Brighton, UK and uses photography to create his prints. We love the range of inspiration he draws from for his artworks. 

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Of his work, he has said: “I do not wish to follow a conventional thought process, which is why my work can change and evolve quickly. From a contemporary interpretation of an 18th century hunting scene to a haunting image of a pheasant suspended in a glass dome.” 

When creating his artwork, Gareth is driven by his thoughts and feelings at the moment of creation, saying “I have learned to accept and trust in this process.” We love his imagined landscapes where the combination of layered washes or blurred brushstrokes are representative. The artist urges viewers to complete these types of paintings by relating it to themselves and what is familiar to them. 

We’ve been working with Gareth Hayward since 2019.

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