Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon (1909–1992) was one of the most infamous 20th Century British painters, well known for his raw graphic style and distorted images of people. Francis Bacon used to turn traditional paintings of people inside out, with grotesquely distorted faces and twisted body parts, always portraying them with violence, as isolated souls, imprisoned and tormented by existential dilemmas.

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Most of his artworks are inspired by old masters - particularly Diego Velazquez's art print of Pope Innocent X, which Bacon used as the basis for his own famous series of "Screaming Popes”. Bacon's reputation was elevated further during the widespread return to painting in the 1980s, and after his death, he was viewed by some, as one of the world's most important painters. At artrepublic, discover the dark universe of Francis Bacon and enjoy rare edition art prints at competitive prices.

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