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Ellie Davies Smoke and Mirrors 5 AP by Ellie... £25,000.00
Peter Blake The Dazzle Alphabet Box Set £19,750.00
Jaykoe Earth At Night II £18,000.00
Michael Craig-Martin Quotidian 2017 £12,000.00
Ron English Mousemask Murphy Large Sculpture £12,000.00
Peter Blake USA Series - Set of 5 Prints... £11,000.00
Kate Knight They Did it for Love - Original... £10,000.00
Kate Knight Guardians - Original £10,000.00
Magnus Gjoen Heaven Lent You A Soul Earth Will... £9,500.00
Peter Blake Wooden Puzzle Series (set of 5) £9,000.00
Will Teather What Does A Soul Look Like I... £9,000.00
Will Teather Backstage at the Hippodrome £9,000.00
Peter Blake I Love You Very Much £9,000.00
Kate Knight Thunderstruck - Original £8,000.00
Damien Hirst Dark Black Heaven - Nite Time £7,800.00
Chris Kettle Festoon 8 - Original £7,700.00
Keith Haynes Hitsville UK £7,650.00
Will Teather See Her Faces Unfurl £7,500.00
Will Teather Maternity £7,500.00
Will Teather Dartington Dance Studios £7,500.00
Lucy Sparrow His 'n' Hers £7,500.00
Dragomir Mišina Out of Place 2 £7,440.00
Dragomir Mišina Almost Between 4 £7,440.00
Mr Brainwash Angeline Monroe £7,350.00