Ethel Spowers

Ethel Spowers

Ethel Louise Spowers (1890-1947) was an Australian painter and printmaker. Having trained at the Melbourne National Gallery Art School, she had her first solo exhibit in Melbourne at age 30, showcasing fairy-tale art prints. Largely influenced by Japanese woodcut art, she gained a reputation for black and white children’s story illustrations and she also explored the art of the linocut.

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This way, Ethel Spowers mounted an exhibition of Australian linocuts in Melbourne in 1930. In 1932, she became a founder of the Contemporary Art Group, promoting modern art in Australia. Ethel Spowers died on 5 May 1947. Although she had destroyed many of her paintings in a bonfire, a memorial exhibition of her watercolours, line-drawings, wood-engravings and colour linocuts was held at George's Gallery, Melbourne, in 1948. At artrepublic, we are lucky to have limited edition art prints from Ethel Spowers.

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