Ethel Rose

Ethel Rose

Inspired by all things beautiful from a bygone era, Ethel Rose invites you to explore a stunning collection of limited edition prints and artwork.

Founded by two sisters with backgrounds in fine art and fashion, Ethel Rose Studio, is based in Dorset, England. We celebrate vintage influences with a reflection on floral beauty.

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Bringing a nostalgic charm with modern and classic mantras presented in flamboyant text, every detail is accentuated for a maximalist composition. Colours are strikingly rich evoking memories of glorious days of old fashioned warmth and comfort.

The editions are presented with luxurious embellishments of silkscreens, gold leaf, diamond dust or hand finished paint. Signed & numbered, we look forward to showing you our wares.

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All artworks by Ethel Rose - Art Prints & Original Works

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