Elizabeth Waggett

Elizabeth is a contemporary artist who explores notions of value and worth in a consumerist society, criticising the importance placed on items of no cultural value. Currently residing in Houston, Texas, Elizabeth draws on her international background when narrating her work; having lived in contrasting cities over the world, she has a unique perspective on the effects of consumerism on humanity.

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Elizabeth’s gothic depictions of skulls, insects and weapons seek to illuminate humanity’s obsession with material goods, whilst ignoring their effect on the natural world. We love how Elizabeth ironically utilises sustainably sourced gold leaf as a visual representation of greed and society’s obsession with vanity. Ultimately, Elizabeth’s photorealistic works ask viewers to reconsider materialistic ways and find a balance between greed and purpose.

Originally from Manchester, Elizabeth received a degree in Fashion from Manchester Metropolitan University and a PGCE in Design from The University of Manchester. Although this is where her artistic journey began, Elizabeth's work rapidly gained international acclaim, and she moved to New York to develop her practice before settling in Texas, where she now lives and works. Having participated in exhibitions across the globe, Elizabeth’s artistic career is full of accomplishments. Her work has been commissioned by HRH The Prince of Wales in collaboration with The Prince’s Trust; she has collaborated with brands such as Soho House, LuluLemon and Saks Fifth Avenue; and her works has been featured in campaigns alongside Valentino and Fendi.

We’ve been working with Elizabeth Waggett since 2017.


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