Brighton-based printmaker ejsparkles creates her linocuts by combining organic forms with bold and vibrant colour blends. A love of mid-century and art deco design manifests through the use of geometric lines and contrasting textures.

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There is a playfulness within her work but also a precise execution of colour and composition. The use of gold ink features strongly in her prints, a camp aesthetic that ties in with the vibrant cultural landscape of Brighton. 

To create her prints, E-J goes to BipArt Printmaking Workshops where she has access to a Columbian Press. It was originally designed for printing broadsheet newspapers, which enables large-scale printing.  To create a blend she uses a large pin roller, working the ink colours together. The influence of Brighton’s seafront is apparent in the chosen colours. E-J also uses a technique called ‘chine-collé’ to apply handmade papers to areas of the prints, resulting in a variety of textures and a softening of the tones.

E-J studied Fine Art in Staffordshire and then Performance with Visual Art in Brighton, where she developed immersive installations. E-J also works with children facilitating art in education and runs small-group lino-printing classes for adults. 

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Tropical Glow, 2018

30 x 40cm

Limited Edition of 10

Heatwave, 2019

30 x 20cm

Limited Edition of 8

Ray of Light, 2019

20 x 30cm

Limited Edition of 8

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