Ed Burnand

Ed Burnand is a contemporary artist, creating mixed media originals and limited edition prints. At the heart of his practice, Burnand explores the deeply human and personal in the marking of the canvas, and the result is a compelling fusion of abstract-meets-figurative. Although open to interpretation, each of Burnand’s works are loosely informed by themes of boundaries, escape, adventure, environment, solitude and human legacy.

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His practice involves a multi-stage process of experimentation, building up layers on canvas, using a disparate array of medium and material. With a scientific approach, Burnand fuses high pressure ink washes with polyurethane varnishes, injecting gloss and spray-paint, screen printing, collage, and stencils. The artwork draws on 80s and 90s animation and graphics, architectural and technological advancements, as well as socio-political concerns of mass production, the economics of the capital, and the global climate.

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