E.LEE is a painter and street-artist, living and working in Chicago. He has shown in Chicago and Paris and created public works in the US, the UK, the Netherlands, and Spain. His work explores the interaction between art and the world around it, in its distinctive modernisation of trompe l’oeil: E.LEE has mastered the historical technique, creating illusory spaces on street walls or allowing the figures in his fine art to reach beyond their frames, towards the viewer, in ways that are nothing short of breathtaking.

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Always engaging in a dialogue between art and viewer, E.LEE’s current Superhero Series invites an empathetic identification with heroes of the comic-book world. Stripping them from their scenes of glory, E.LEE depicts superheroes at their most vulnerable moments, reducing their story to a single, raw emotion, which allows the viewer to see something of themselves in the knights of pulp fiction.

Yet, in recognising the all-too human pain and weakness in these triumphant figures, E.LEE reminds us that we, too, possess the powers and abilities to overcome our own struggles. Smart, provocative, and beautifully executed, rising star E.LEE reworks icons from popular culture to create his own iconic aesthetic.

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