Dominic Bradnum

Dominic Bradnum is a Visual & Audio Artist who has mastered the art of combining painting with performing electronic music. Indeed, his art prints often take form as textual musings – pop-art style slogans, playful and evocative one-liners, plaintive thoughts – thought oil paints.

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Dominic Bradnum builds up layers and takes advantage of the slow drying times to blend the pigment and create subtle changes of tone and contrast. Dominic’s work is also concerned with capturing the flickering, incandescent qualities of neon lights creating abstract forms.

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59.3 x 48.7cm

Limited Edition of 50

This Could Be The Start Of Something...

56.6 x 42cm

Limited Edition of 50

Everything You Need Is Right Here

48 x 48cm

Limited Edition of 50

Neon Graffiti (For Guy Debord And The...

56.4 x 42 cm

Limited Edition of 50

The Last Bastion Of Hope

59.2 x 41.8 cm

Limited 50

Wish You Were Here

56 x 41 cm

Limited 50

Kiss Me Quick

56 x 41 cm

Limited EDITION OF 50

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